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Sep. 10th, 2004 | 06:02 pm
mood: delirium
music: none goddamnit!
posted by: zofiastar in nywf_friends

guten evenink meine leetle children,

today is a day for delirium, methinks.

it all began last night really: passionpop thursday - need i say more? it's an old favourite for me n chiquita and while we didn't end up at QnA like old times, we did get a few bottles down and rise bleary-eyed this morn. but the day only went uphill from there, and i don't mean it was a slog - more like a lesuirely ride on a chairlift.

apart from the antangonistic jamie insisting the grey partitions surrounding my desk be returned to their former UNglory ala the Australia Post scandal (for those not able to follow this rant, i was ORDERED by management to remove ALL the interesting cartoons, pics n other tidbits surrounding my workstation. i can't believe i used that word! and i'm NOT happy. but that goes without saying.

so that was a momentary dent on my cheerful delirium. but things once again improved via the lunch date with chiquita n cool cat mac. we traipsed our silly bones through the lanes to element and found some damn fine coffee to go with our cheese, tomato n spinach croissants. AND we had a brush with fame. but i can't go naming names or i'd be a wanker. which i might be anyway...

erm...yea! AND me n chiquita managed to connive our colleagues into staying back late for us so we can escape to the voiceworks launch with cool cat mac. what could be better?

oh yea, i remember. i discovered that there's a town in victoria called titybong (postcode 3542)! and while we decided that would be the place for cool cat mac to live, chiquita's relocating to banana (postcode 4702), sqodge will probably set up camp at umbrella springs (4702) but me, i'm opening a b&b with stephen at chinkapook-mittyack rd in manangatang (stephen's mum went to Humpybong High so he knows all about these things.


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Octobriana from Oz (Laura Seabrook)

(no subject)

from: octobrianaoz
date: Sep. 10th, 2004 02:42 pm (UTC)

but me, i'm opening a b&b with stephen at chinkapook-mittyack rd in manangatang

Are you going to change your name by deedpoll to "Epinomimous Double-Entende?" *wink*

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