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Zine Fair

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Oct. 4th, 2004 | 07:11 am
mood: tiredtired
music: Sisters of Mercy
posted by: octobrianaoz in nywf_friends

I went to the Zine Fair at T.I.N.A. with Carol Wood (co-witer/artist of Pox) yesterday. I was (once again) glad I didn't have  a stall there -- the noise and the enclosed space would drive me to distraction. Anyway, I bought $20 of comix there, and made one of two contacts (maybe). It irks me that I either haven't been organized or solvent enough  to get my comics printed for the fair. I have two issues of Hypergraphia and  a collection of Laura Seabrook's Queer Stuff just sitting on the shelf.

To get around this, I'm going to contribute  top an anthology by  Glenno illustrating  song lyrics. I have in mind both Lucretia (by Sisters of Mercy) and Don't Fear the Reaper (by Blue Oyster Cult).  Also, I was approached to contribute to  a zine called Tight Knit. The subject matter of this os non-monogamy -- I think I can feel another installment of Queer Stuff coming on! *grin*

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