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what's happening with me??

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Sep. 4th, 2004 | 01:44 pm
mood: swamp thang
music: ironically...i needa miracle by some poppy so and so
posted by: zofiastar in nywf_friends

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, where do i start?

i've taken some time off life recently and am now only just returning to earth after dragging myself through a swamp for the past few weeks.

i have kept relatively busy and been doing some really good stuff but i don't actually remember much of it and have spent far too much time in the gutter (literally!) trying to avoid thinking about heavy things encompassing death, love and everything in between.

the melbourne writers' festival was in in the middle of the mess of my mind. although my generous mumbo bought me tickets to seven events, most of those tickets went unused. tis a shame, but it happens. and i did try and give some of them away, but alackaday everyone was already booked or too lazy to come and get them.

on a positive note, the festival that needs no introduction seems to be running smoothly by dave's hand alone. as you probably know, the program has been completed and will be released to the hounds a month earlier than last year's, hopefully enabling more excitement to be created and thus, higher attendance.

we've got some amazing venues lined up for this year and a cast of thousands strutting their stuff. i'll be heading up to newy myself in a week and half to put in a final slog towards preparations.

erm, i'm sitting in a fog at work right now so i'd better go sort it out methinks. but you, PEOPLE, talk to me. tell me how things are going out there in the real world!

see y'all soon xx

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