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growing wings

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Sep. 13th, 2004 | 06:09 pm
mood: victimised
music: telstra hold music - yay
posted by: zofiastar in nywf_friends

in one hour and twenty minutes i'll be leaving this fluoro office...for another. actually, i can't remember if the pod has fluro lights but i reckon it'll be a damn sight better to be working there than here for the telstra devil. and hopefully i'll never hafta come back coz i've got my dream job on the horizon - but i'm not telling you bout that coz you'll poach it, ya bugger!

mmmm, so i had a sort-of catching up with long lost friends and saying a mini bubbye to smelbs on satdee night. and, as it was september 11, the party somehow became a victim party. i had courtney love pay a visit, along with her housewife. there was a woman called marty bound and gagged in my kitchen, being threated with a punch ladle. a zebra crossing, all bloodied after the incident, came along to drown her tears and there was also a victim of bram stoker's dracula. there was a victim of too many theme parties (and THAT i had to respect!), a victim of sports violence complete with a black eye and slap mark, and a poor poor girl who's sister kicked her in the face and she tumbled to her death at hanging rock. her sister was there too, no shame. oh yea, and a victim of schoolyard pranks with a "kick me" sign on his back. i myself, was a victim of the writers' festival - as you could have guessed. i wore a tragic wig with pegs and pens in it and my dressing gown and i stunk to high heaven. told em all that i hadn't washed, brushed my hair or gotten out of my pj's for six months, not too far from the truth.

did i mention the programs are finished for TINA? that's what this blog/journal is supposed to be about, isn't it? yea, well they're done. not without some tears, or so i heard. i think they may have even arrived in smelbs by now, and should be dispersed across the states within the next few weeks. look out for one at the laundry in smelbs (johnston st, ya dig?) as well as a few other choice venues.

will keep ya posted as i panic and tear my hair out over the next few weeks. adios!

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